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798Plans for Happy Clam

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  • adharvey2
    Aug 28, 2005
      Several weeks ago I purchased study plans for Sallie Hyde as part of
      my ongoing quest to find the perfect large lake skiff. It turns out
      that Sallie Hyde was built for Lake Superior - you can't get much
      bigger than that. The plans confirmed my suspicion that Sally Hyde is
      very similar to Happy Clam, photos of which appear on this site,
      except that Sallie Hyde is carvel planked and Happy Clam is lapstrake.
      I don't see why a person couldn't build Sallie Hyde like Happy Clam,
      using lapstrake plywood topsides and sheet plywood for the bottom and
      box deadwood.
      Then a couple of weeks ago my friend in Seatle with the marine
      diesel shop called and said that he couldn't find a deal on a 60 - 90
      hp engine suitable in Sand Dollar (which I had also been
      contemplating, albeit a very different boat), but he did have a spare
      ISM 4 cylinder diesel off a genset - 40hp @ 2100 rpm, 135 ci.,
      525lbs. Perfect for the "high speed" version of Sallie Hyde. It must
      be a sign!
      I'm wondering if and where plans are available for Happy Clam.
      They're not ammong the plans listed on the Atkins' plans site. They
      would probably be a help if I were to attempt this.
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