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797lever activated belt tension

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  • oldbingey
    Aug 27, 2005

      I forgot to answer your question about activating the belt drive
      transmission with a lever. My son and I did that on a little
      Kubota 4hp flashing arrow signboard engine we put into a small
      sailboat. It worked fine but we had two grip-notch vee belts that
      did not reqire as much tension as this polyvee job. The default
      mode was spring tension on the belts which was defeated by pushing
      on the lever and then further pushing pressed the reverse discs
      together (copied that from Troy Bilt rototillers).

      The tension on this polyvee is very high and I was scared of all
      that overhang load on the crankshaft of the engine... hence the
      tensioner outboard of the sheave. I did indeed use a lever (foot
      pedal) to get neutral and reverse but used the air spring so that I
      could restore tension to exactly where I had it and adjust it with
      the little regulator (which I never had to do once it was set).
      It worked real well. I had a little valve with which I released the
      air to the air spring and that took enough tension off the belt so
      that the boat barely crept forward... a push on the foot pedal
      either stopped it altogether or reversed it. Belt and disc wear was
      insignificant for two years operation. I could have done the whole
      thing with the lever but it would have required a good bit of force
      to the lever to either apply or defeat the tension and I don't think
      the tension adjustment would have been as exact because of the
      movement of the engine... have to be a spring in there somewhere.
      As it was, just a flick of the valve was all it took to do what I
      wanted most of the time and then just a light pat on the pedal would
      reverse the propeller if I needed to (which I never did). You know
      old men have to watch out for their dignity... can't be wrassling
      with no lever in public. Besides, I have a great, big air horn and
      some of these meandering yahoos need to be introduced to the fact
      that there is a one whistle side in some way that is completely

      Good luck with those tornados.

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