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768Re: [AtkinBoats] Egg. Reach Regatta

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  • wmeparker@cinci.rr.com
    Aug 10, 2005
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      On a couple of occasions when the club "fleet" (an ad hoc thing)
      was "running for the slips" at the end of the day, my Florence
      Oakland "Charlene" was pacing, or outrunning, modern Catalinas and San
      Juans with the wind from 100 deg's to 160 deg's. Almost all of those
      boats had longer waterlines, and were lighter. I have become a
      believer in the gaff rig from a close reach to a run. Now, beating to
      windward, there is no contest, and it is humbling to see them pass me
      both to windward and to leeward. Of course, I just tell myself that
      is the schooner rig, all that parasite drag of lazy jacks and sail

      It is amusing to note that the America's Cup boats are now
      sporting "square" mainsails that use a stiff batten to hold the square
      shape at the top.

      One of my dock neighbors always says, however, that if looks were
      speed, Charlene would win every time. He is a wise man, and I have a
      kind regard for him.

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