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752RE: [AtkinBoats] Re: Question for John and Mrs. Atkins

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  • David Lightfoot
    Aug 1, 2005
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      It's been a long timeand I can't remember the boat or builder but I
      vaguely recall someone with a largish catboat sporting a marconi sail with
      such an arrangement. He ran metal tubes for 1) the halyard, 2) the
      replacement halyard for when the main got screwed up , and 3) a wire
      running through one of the halyard tubes to be used to fish another halyard
      when the second got screwed up. Honestly, I don't think he figured on all
      this screwing up to happen on the same trip, he just didn't like the idea
      of ever actually fixing the setup. I also don't know if he went through
      all those gyrations with the halyards and wires.

      David Lightfoot

      At 01:55 PM 8/1/2005, you wrote:
      >I would also think the exit from the hollow spar near the deck would weaken
      >the spar significantly. The more halyards, the more holes, the less
      >structural engineering integrity of the spar. I don't know this to be a
      >fact, but am guessing based on amateur observation.

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