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745Re: Question for John and Mrs. Atkins

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  • brianincorv
    Aug 1, 2005
      Sam Rabl's book "Boatbuilding in Your Own Backyard" (which can often
      be found in libraries and used bookstores), contains information on
      building very simple rectangular spars out of plywood and lumber.
      There are plans in the back of the book for several sailboats,
      including spars, which will provide some examples.

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Dolph" <jdewolfe@a...>
      > Do any of the Sail designs include specs and design details for
      > hollow
      > rectangular section masts with internal halyards? I tried to
      > describe
      > these to a Brazilian fellow on another list and I think I failed
      > miserably. I couldn't think of a cite except Bruce
      > Bingham's "Ferrocement Boatbuilding" which is "out of print" and I
      > can't remember ever seeing this online. If Mrs. Atkins has access
      > engineering tables etc. or perhaps access to Bruce Bingham who I
      > believe may still work as an illustrator could such information be
      > published/sold? There seems to be a dearth of information on the
      > subject of wooden mast design and building and it's one of those
      > technologies that is just now being lost for lack of use in the
      > For once it would be nice to save something for posterity before
      > the practitioners are dead.
      > Mike Dolph
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