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694Billy Atkin and Bay City Boats

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  • jkohnen@boat-links.com
    Jun 2, 2005
      Does anyone here know anything about Wm. Atkin designs built by Bay City

      "Pat Atkin directed me to the colllection of Atkin articles you
      maintain. I had inquired about the relationship between William Atkin
      and Bay City Boats, mentioned here:
      www.wwcacbs.com/waterlinehtml/defoe.html. Bay City Boats was a kit-boat
      manufacturer from about 1905 to 1967 or so. Defoe was a major
      shipbuilder in Bay City. I grew up there. Do you have any knowledge of
      designs William Atkin may have done for BCB? My brother just found me a
      1964 BCB catalog on eBay but I have little knowledge of its older history."

      "Chris Campbell
      Traverse City, MI"

      John <jkohnen@...>
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