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682Re: First time build

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  • Mike Dolph
    May 26, 2005
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      Did you check out these at the same site?


      They seem to offer the gear ratios you were looking for last time
      you posted and an 8 degree down angle. I'm not clear if you have to
      take the PTO and trolling valve. The PTO might make a sort of good
      gold dredge pump or clam harvesting pump. If you can't get the gear
      without those then they probably cost more. The gear ratios seem to
      be just right to deliver the right kind of torque/rpm the Atkins
      specified in many of their 15-25 foot boats.

      Mike Dolph

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "dmede808" <dmede808@y...> wrote:
      > Not sure on the Palmer weight, I'd think 150# to 200#?
      > I hear ya on no source for small inboards. I really don't want to
      have to use a lawn mower
      > engine in my VS. Ive found a few small industrial motors that
      might work but you need a
      > seperate gearbox.
      > I did find these guys: http://www.newage-prm.co.uk/prm/prm80.htm
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