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681Re: First time build

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  • brianincorv
    May 26, 2005
      I've noticed that Atkin Grand Banks dorys come in two types: one has
      no keel and is traditional Grand Banks construction (Freda M.
      Himmelmann). It includes an outboard well, and I assume could easily
      take a sprit or lug sail in the old fashion. The others (Pemaquid and
      Abie Porpoise) have keels with outside ballast and inboard engine
      boxes. I would assume that they would handle very well. If shoving
      about on sand is an issue, the traditional type is much better (like
      our Pacific City dorys in Oregon). Another option, although I know
      this is an Atkin site, is the ply-epoxy dorys of Jeff Spira. I have
      plans for the smaller one (Nova Scotian, 16' 2" LOA, 12' on bottom),
      and it is a simple, clear set of plans. The one that might fit your
      requirements is the Alaskan, which is 19' LOA. It has an outboard
      well. The boats are designed for mahogany (luan) ply over mahogany or
      similar frames. Both have an optional sail rig. Spira's an engineer
      and fishing expert, who also designs boats, not the kind of legend
      that the Atkin's are, but his designs seem to work. Trailering, of
      course, can be an issue with regards to construction types. Could
      anyone tell me how traditional dory construction fares, living on a
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