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654Updating a design

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  • Chris Kottaridis
    May 7, 2005
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      I have always had a keen interest in schooners. I really like Atkin's
      "Live Yankee". However, anything I would build needs to be easily
      trailered and everything I've read implies that plank on frame doesn't
      stand up so good when bounding down the highway on a regular basis.

      If I ever were to build "Live Yankee" I'd want to cold-mold it so it
      could better handle trailering. I'd also think it'd be a reasonable idea
      to fiberglass sheath the outside at least to better handle abrasions.
      I'd also want it to be lighter then the 8500 pounds to make it easier to
      trailer. Of course this would impact the sailing characteristics and

      My question is, how does one go about taking these older designs and
      updating them for more modern building techniques ?

      I assume the best solution be to contact a designer and just ask to
      have a boat designed that is similar to "Live Yankee" ?

      But, if there is a different solution I am all ears.

      Chris Kottaridis <chriskot@...>
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