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650Re: [AtkinBoats] Re: Atkin plans, how much detail and what come with them

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  • DirtSailor
    Apr 26, 2005
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      I must inquire as to what kind of strip built we are
      refering too. My assumption from the original post
      would be that the inner layer would be stripped then
      sheathed over much like a stripper canoe. The second
      post sounds more like plank on frame, with a form of
      caulking, may it be cotton, Sika or otherwise, between
      the planks which when full of water swell up and seal.
      Are these assumptions correct?

      As for the plans, The plans for Trim that I purchased
      include the original article, boy I wish the bill of
      materials still cost what is listed! Any one have
      plans fora time machine? All the other information
      needed to build the boat is there, however, it does
      require full lofting, so one would need to be skilled
      in laying down lines. I must say that the
      Draftsmanship is superb. I work in the residential
      design business and since the advent of computers I
      know I couldn't draft like that anymore. It is my
      opinion that the price of the plans are well worth
      what is there.


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