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642Re: [AtkinBoats] Re: Small air cooled inboard motors

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  • jkohnen@boat-links.com
    Apr 12, 2005
      The Atkins specified a "two-bladed, Type E Columbian, 10 inches in diameter
      b 6 inches in pitch. The speed of the skiff should be a good 8 m.p.h." The
      Baby Huskie (BH) had a bore of 3 1/16" and a stroke of 3 1/2" for a
      displacement of 25 cu. in.

      On Tue, 05 Apr 2005 23:20:08 -0000, Mike D wrote:
      > ...
      > Does anyone know all these facts for the Baby Husky and the prop
      > speced for the Victor Slocum?

      John <jkohnen@...>
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