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635Re: Small air cooled inboard motors

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  • Lewis E. Gordon
    Apr 11, 2005
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      Here is the link for ZF/Hurth marine transmission web site. Select
      transmissions/engine matching program/select brands for a list of
      supported manufactures. It is interesting that Hatz is not listed for
      any model. The prices shown on Northern Tool seem a little high. For
      that money you can get a Kubota like Mr. White has on his Rescue
      Minor. That is one good engine and 800 hours already? Wow!

      If you want to use a smaller industrial engine like the HATZ, you will
      have to do some improvising with a belt drive like Mr. White did. I'm
      sorry to hear that he no longer has a reverse gear. He's right that
      it's not used much, but still for the peace of mind.... (Who am I to
      talk? I'm missing a spring on my 30 HP Tohatsu and I don't have
      reverse now either.)

      Good luck!


      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "dmede808" <dmede808@y...> wrote:
      > Thanks for the shaft load conversion, thats good to know. I agree,
      1:1 at those rpms is
      > probably not ideal. They seem to be easy enough to get here in the
      US. Quite a few
      > dealers including online
      > ProductDisplay?storeId=6970&productId=347&R=347)
      > They range between $1500 - $1900 I think.
      > The issue I am running into is getting info on suitable gearboxes.
      HATZ lists several
      > gearboxes in thier "additional equipment" PDF online but the main US
      dealer doesn't seem
      > to now anything about them. Without a bolt on option for neutral,
      reverse and gear
      > reduction I may not be able to use these motors. I am also
      concerned that the higher
      > RPMs with the single cylinder will cause more vibration than the
      Palmer Baby Husky spec'd
      > for this boat.
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