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631Re: Alajuela or Eric

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  • Bruce Elfstrom
    Apr 9, 2005
      Hello. The Eric and the Alejuela are both Aktkin designs, but not the
      same. The Eric is smaller and finer in lines, the Alejuela is based on
      the Ingrid (by William Atkin), it is a 38 foot boat. Atkin's Ingrid
      was the basis of two glass boats, one the Alajuela and the other the
      Blue Water Ingrid by James Musser. The Alaj. was a bit more ballasted
      than the Ingrid.

      But anyway Are you looking for a wood or glass boat? I ask because by
      some odd chance I just looked at an Ingrid today with my brother. She
      is the Blue Water in glass and set iup for some serois cruising.

      Have not seen and Eric for a bit, but I have seen a few Atkin double
      enders around for sale in the $30000- $50000. The Atkin Three Eleven
      was similar to what you are asking about too.

      Let me know---please e-mail me at Bioelf@...
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