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628Re: Small air cooled inboard motors

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  • Lewis E. Gordon
    Apr 8, 2005
      Intersting line of engines. I notice that the 1B40 model is available
      with a counter rotating balancing option which might be useful. Also,
      the axial load on the PTO shaft was given as 1200 newtons. If I
      converted correctly, this is 269.7 pounds. I cannot imagine the prop
      and shaft loading coming close to this figure, but I don't know how to
      caculate the force either. And, who would want to drive the prop at
      1:1 with direct hookup?

      The weights are extremely low and the allowable tilt angle is
      generous. The agriculture units I have looked at here in Nicaragua are
      much heavier. What is the availability and cost of these engines

      Still searching for a suitable boat to build here for Lake Nicaragua!

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "dmede808" <dmede808@y...> wrote:
      > No problem Mike. I appreciate the help. I do know about the thrust
      bearing issue. There
      > is a load spec for the PTO bearing on the HATZ but I dont have any
      idea what the prop and
      > shaft thrust load will be, or how to calculate it.
      > HATZ has several gearbox options for those motors and I may use one
      for gear reduction
      > and reverse gearing if possible. Hopefully that gearbox will be
      able to take the thrust load
      > but if not I'll have to rig an inline thrust bearing. Mcmaster Carr
      has pillow-block bearings
      > that may do the job.
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