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576Russel R. in Nicaragua (was Re: No Posts?)

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  • Lewis E. Gordon
    Feb 16, 2005
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      I am going to pick up my three study plans tomorrow at the mail
      forwarder office in Managua. Can't wait! I think Russel R. would do
      quite well here on the lake. I am tempted to build it myself!

      The Nicaraguan Cordoba is tied to the US dollar (at 16.44 to 1 today)
      so I haven't noticed the decline in the dollar, except that now some
      used car prices are in Euros. The Cordoba has a built-in inflation
      index of .5% per month per their dealings with the World Bank, etc.

      "Precious" woods are not cheap here. We paid C$1080 (US $65.77) for a
      Mahogany log last week which we had cut per our carpenters specs, but
      this was a special deal (I don't know how many usable board feet we
      got out of the log). Cerro Real (Spanish cedar or boxwood cedar) runs
      about $3.45 a board foot and other woods run somewhat cheaper.

      The Atlantic coast of Nicaragua also has a drug trafficing problem,
      but I can't say how bad it really is since I have yet to visit that
      part of the country. I hope to do so before May and the start of the
      rainy season. This part of the country would be a great spot for
      Russel R. and a camp/cruise journey.

      Come on down!


      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Dolph" <jdolph@s...> wrote:
      > Hi Gordon,
      > I got the plans for Russel R. and don't see anything in them that
      > would prevent my building her. The falling dollar is bothering me
      > quite a lot however when I try to guess what it will mean for me
      > living in Brasil. All the places I have looked into except
      > Aquidauana seem to be on the border with Bolivia and have a lot of
      > drug trafficing going on with the violence that comes with it.
      > What's the future look like in Nicaragua currency wise?
      > At this point I'm still commited to traveling but not sure if I want
      > to build the boat there.
      > Mike Dolph
      > --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Lewis E. Gordon"
      > <l_gordon_nica@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I suppose that everyone is out boating and not surfing the internet!
      > > No new posts for almost two weeks! Here on Lake Nicaragua it has
      > been
      > > too windy to get out much. Usually the north winds die down by the
      > > first week in March and I hope to spend a lot of time on the water
      > then.
      > >
      > > Lewis,
      > >
      > > Granada, Nicaragua
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