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574Re: No Posts?

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  • Mike Dolph
    Feb 16, 2005
      Hi Gordon,

      I got the plans for Russel R. and don't see anything in them that
      would prevent my building her. The falling dollar is bothering me
      quite a lot however when I try to guess what it will mean for me
      living in Brasil. All the places I have looked into except
      Aquidauana seem to be on the border with Bolivia and have a lot of
      drug trafficing going on with the violence that comes with it.
      What's the future look like in Nicaragua currency wise?

      At this point I'm still commited to traveling but not sure if I want
      to build the boat there.

      Mike Dolph

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Lewis E. Gordon"
      <l_gordon_nica@y...> wrote:
      > I suppose that everyone is out boating and not surfing the internet!
      > No new posts for almost two weeks! Here on Lake Nicaragua it has
      > too windy to get out much. Usually the north winds die down by the
      > first week in March and I hope to spend a lot of time on the water
      > Lewis,
      > Granada, Nicaragua
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