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535Re: Most Efficient Hull??

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  • liokai2002
    Jan 19, 2005
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      Hi Ron, think you will not find "Maderform Hulls" using Google. Dr.
      Mader is a shipwright and has a wharf called "Hycom" in Duisburg
      (Germany). Suppose there are many Hycoms in the Google world. When
      you send me your adress, I can post you some papers and pics, not
      professionally, just from one interested "hydrodymaniac" to another.
      Regards, Manfred

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      > Thank you for your response, Manfred.
      > I have heard of, and seen reference to, "Maderform" hulls - but did
      not understand the concept. Now I think it would be useful to know
      more. I used the Google search engine and looked for "Maderform
      hulls" (no results, do I want maidenform bras?) and Paul Mader (lots
      of stuff about a Paul Mader who is heavily involved in agriculture in
      3rd world areas).
      > Do you know of any websites that discuss/have information on
      Maderform hulls?
      > Many thanks.
      > Ron Fossum
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      > Subject: [AtkinBoats] Re: Most Efficient Hull??
      > Hello Ron,
      > indeed, I would like to do this. But this is not possible for me.
      > First, the costs to run a water tank test series are very high
      > I`m retired now with no personal access.
      > Second, there have been tests with similiar hulls since more than
      > years by Dr. Paul Mader ( "Maderform" hulls ). And these hulls
      > been developed year by year and are patented now (think, I´m up
      > date). They deliver hydrodynamic lift in the after third part of
      > hull, a very smooth water behind and nearly no whorls (
      vortices )
      > leave the hull. I have a DVD of the last tests in Berlin which
      > a very smooth waterflow of the hull and a very stable course.
      > Meanwhile there are some ships with these Maderform hulls on the
      > BODENSEE and other waterways in Germany, which have proven their
      > superiority over coventional designs. But as with all new
      > developments there are a lot of established people who deny the
      > merits of Maderform hulls although all tests and
      > (Navier-Stokes) have shown their superiority.
      > Having the Maderform hulls in mind and looking at the study plans
      > SAND PIPER one can find "some" similiar aspects. One might be the
      > negative deadrise at the stern. But there is more and this has to
      > tested. I´ll try to get the plans of SAND PIPER ( with the help
      > DUCKWORKS as they accept my Master Card ), build a down sized
      > and test it here on the Baltic. In my cellar I try to twist
      sheets of
      > aircraft birch ply for a small model to gain an underwater shape
      > SAND PIPER, to gain the same clever waterflow. But I`m not shure
      > succeed. Regards, Manfred
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