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515Re: Most Efficient Hull??

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  • liokai2002
    Jan 17, 2005
      Describing "River Belle" the 35'3" Tunnel-Stern River Cruiser William
      Atkin writes : " The hull is easily propelled and for equal
      displacement and power is faster by several miles than the usual
      underwater form. And these boats ... handle perfectly,ahead,astern
      in rough water or smooth ." The first boat of this model was designed
      already in 1922 !!!
      At this time most of the boats had semicircular displacement hulls
      with l/b ratios up to 1/7 ( and more ) and were difficult to build
      with big and heavy motors throwing big bow waves and rolling heavily
      in a seaway. Later on hulls of Cats and Tris were constructed in a
      similiar way with semicircular bottoms and with hardly any
      hydrodynamic lift when moving.
      From this point of view William Atkin was a Genius and a
      Visionär ( german Language ) as he knew a lot more of the water
      around his boats as others up to our days.
      From my personal experience watching University tank tests I think
      that the "Sand Piper" design also is very effective. And this is the
      same for the Higgins Landing Boats which helped to end the Nazi
      I think that these hulls deserve to undergo intensive tank testing
      to understand fully the Atkin designs and to minimize the vortices
      (whorls ?), waves and eddies caused by the hull moving through the
      water.In my opinion these hulls have a great potential of
      hydrodynamic efficiency. Regards, Manfred
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