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514Re: Most Efficient Hull??

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  • j_freach
    Jan 17, 2005

      I'd have to agree with John T. that a Double ender like Jabberwock
      would be the most efficient also the most seaworthy. Double enders are
      very dry in rough weather. I gave serious thought to getting plans for
      Jabberwock but ended up buying plans for Marth Green instead because
      in has full standing head room and is a boat with the Atkins used
      often and liked very much.

      Jim F

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Leo" <leochill@y...> wrote:
      > Which hull shape at http://www.atkinboatplans.com/ do you believe to
      > be most efficient?
      > Let's define efficient as requiring the least horsepower to move the
      > boat through the water at at the hull speed of V/L = 1 - in other
      > words, the square root of the water line length.
      > An additional way to look at "most efficient" would be to choose the
      > hull that would take the least fuel to go the farthest - at V/L = 1.
      > Maybe they're the same thing?
      > Anyway, which hull(s) of Atkin's fits this criteria?
      > Thanks for your thoughts.
      > Best,
      > Leo
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