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512Re: [AtkinBoats] Re: Most Efficient Hull??

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  • John B. Trussell
    Jan 17 5:47 AM
      The folks who really work at efficiency are those wishing to obtain maximum speed with very limited power--competitive rowers and paddlers. These folks have determined that long, narrow hulls with semi-circular cross sections and very fine ends are the most efficient.

      Semi circular cross sections are workable if there is some mechanism to keep the boat from turning over such as the outrigger effect of oars or dynamic paddling (and it helps to part your hair in the middle). Power boats don't have such mechanisms, so a true round bottom isn't an option. Moreover, the sort of 6 or 7 to 1 beam length ratio found on canoes makes for a very cramped 40 foot power boat.

      A review of the plans catalogue is a little frustrating because some of the writeups do not include the beam. It could be argued that the most efficient hull is "Slipby" which is supposed to make over 11 mph on 5 1/2 hp. However, "Slipby" is a lot smaller than you are considering. Perhaps "Jabborwock" is the mst efficient in the type you're considering.

      This discussion reminds me of the time I had to break up a fist fight between 2 nine year olds who were arguing over whether a Ferrari was faster than a Lamborghini. Fun to wonder about but not something I'm going to have any first hand experience with.

      John T

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      From: Leo
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      Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2005 10:22 PM
      Subject: [AtkinBoats] Re: Most Efficient Hull??

      I suppose that this is an excellent example of why text only messaging
      has so many limitations.

      I ass-u-me'ed that my specifying a V/L of 1.0 would point everyone to
      a displacement hull. But that was obviously incorrect.

      We have folks replying with dinghy's and planning boats as examples.
      While I can't deny that these boats can be or are very efficient, I
      was actually thinking of power displacement hulls in the 25' to
      40-ish' range.

      Generally speaking - while realizing that exceptions do exist - I
      believe that a long narrow displacement hull form will be able to
      carry a larger load - read cruising supplies - longer distances with
      more comfort using less fuel than other types of boats.

      So now that I've explained my thought process a bit, I again ask -
      with some added verbage - which power displacement hull design on the
      atkin web site do you believe would be most efficient?

      Thanks - and with apologies for the earlier confusion.


      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Leo" <leochill@y...> wrote:
      > Which hull shape at http://www.atkinboatplans.com/ do you believe to
      > be most efficient?

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