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463Surprise and Big Surprise

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  • iskocani
    Dec 22 1:14 PM

      I am a new member of this group and this is my first post.

      First of all, apologize for my English that is not as good as I wish
      it to be.

      Now, let me introduce myself.

      I am 55, BSc in mechanical engineering, living in Croatia, Europe, in
      the town on the coast of Adriatic Sea (remember Dubrovnik?). As a
      hobby I am involved in nautical stuff, and as a son of ship's captain
      I am in love with the sea and boats.

      Here is my contribution to this forum reserved for Atkins designed

      As I was searching for a classic boat, better to say, motorsailer, in
      the range 19 to 22 ft with accent on performance under power, but
      with decent sailing capabilities, it happend that I have found an
      Atkins design – the Surprise 19ft fast motorsailer, a modified Sea
      Bright skiff. After a contact with Ms Pat Atkin I have ordered a set
      of building plans and now I am planning to start building the boat
      from scratch.

      Some time later there was an article on Big Surprise, a stretched
      version of 19ft Surprise. Review was signed by Mike O'Brien in BDQ#22.

      My questions to all active members of this Group is:

      Do you know if there are any boats of that type sailing?
      Eventual contact details?
      Are there any pictures of that boat obtainable?

      I would really like to make a proper Database for that boat.

      Best wishes and holidays greetings to all of you