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405Ben Bow, Shore Liner, Tunnel Stern (Little Water), Vixen

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  • Bruce Elfstrom
    Dec 7, 2004
      Hello all. Sorry for not posting in the last two weeks, I was off in
      Scotland doing my real business and also doing a short Boat Building
      school on a Scottish Fifie---to great!!


      -- Joe, Ben Bow is still here, contact me at bioelf@...

      -- Wade, I am not sure on the weight of Shore Liner, but it is at
      least 4000 lbs---I would take the engine out and etc and load her
      then. Hope all is going well with the pick-up. Since I am back now
      I can help if you need it. Drop me a call or e-mail me at

      --- Tunnel sterns. I am pretty sure that the Jersey Skiff we have
      here at WBRF is an Atkin Little Water---all measurements are right
      on. Two worries about her---the tunnel was taken out of the tunnel
      stern about 20 years ago during a repair--it can be put back since
      that area is in need of much of the restoration. Second problem is
      that I dropped her on a bad stand and put a hole in two planks---my
      fault as i was rushing to get her safe and I had marginal equipment---
      I need stands at WBRF if you have them. Anyway the planks are not a
      big deal to fix, and one was not 100% anyway. This boat is up for
      adoption and can bet easily trailered. I may take her on myself
      though :-) Yes, I am a slow learner :-)

      -- Ariel--Vixen: I would love to see Ariel---can you pass my e-mail
      to David. I am still trying to ID my boat and I think this would
      help me--I am in New England so...... Bioelf@...

      Wooden Boat has nicely given the WBRF low rates on ads---so a few ads
      are coming out next issue (release 31 Dec). This is good as I feel
      many of the listings will be placed, but it also means that if any of
      you want one of the three Aktin boats you should get on it ASAP.

      Cheers, Bruce