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404Re: Tunnel - Stern - Designs

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  • liokai2002
    Dec 7, 2004
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      Hello Ron and Rob thank you both very much for your kind help and
      support to understand more of Atkins SAND PIPER hull design. I would
      like to put some fotos of "Maderform" hulls (RO-ROs) and University
      papers into the files, but have difficulies with my Windows messenger
      since I've changed my Internet provider to DSL and am not able to
      extinguish the old server adress. But I hope to overcome my
      difficulties soon.
      As I understand the Links from you Ron, the genius William Atkin
      designed SAND PIPER and Mr. Higgins from Higgins Industries adepted
      it and modified it to EUREKA and then to a landing craft that helped
      to free us from Nazi Terrorism in Europe. Or are EUREKA and the
      LANDING boat Higgins own designs without the influence of the Atkins ?

      The "Maderform" hulls in Germany started in the seventies from the
      idea that the underside of an aircraft wing (too) gives aerodynamic
      lift. From this the underside (in water) of a boat has to have a
      similiar shape. But this was only a first step. Hundreds of tests
      have been made and boats and ships have been built with increasing
      successful results. As one can see from the University tests and the
      Mathematics with NAVIER - STOKES formula there is a certain amount of
      lift from the special underwater shape to counteract the sucction
      (Bernoulli) of other (convex) boat shapes and a very smooth waterflow
      and a very low wake behind the boats and ships. I do not know whether
      the designer of the "Maderform" hulls has ever seen the SAND PIPER
      drawings or Mr. Higgins Landing boats. But I would like to ask him
      next time I meet him.

      I don`t know whether the SAND PIPER has ever been tested in a Tank
      test. But it is my strong opinion that this design will show a lot of
      advantages over current boats. It is a pity that there is not known
      enough to get proved results and to give this designs the recognition
      and honor it deserves. Thank you for your help. Regards, Manfred
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