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394Re: Tunnel - Stern - Designs

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  • ronschwiesow
    Dec 3, 2004
      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "liokai2002" <manfred.pech@w...>
      > What struck me most was the reverse-V tunnel stern.
      > From tank tests at Duisburg University and a tank in Berlin I know
      > that underwater shapes similiar to Sand Piper are hydrodynamically
      > the most effective - not only in shallow waters. Boats with these
      > shapes are faster, need less fuel an have more course stability in
      > waves (safer, RO-ROs with Bulb Bows need rudder corrections by
      > computer every 20 seconds). This is the result of tests and
      > development work from a friend over a span of 25 years. He started
      > with Sail- and Motor Boats and now develops RO - RO Carriers of 450
      > ft. The shapes are of course not the same, but they are similiar.
      > From this I´m very interested in any literature about the Tunnel-
      > Stern Designs (esp. Sand Piper). I´ve read already all the early
      > postings about Tunnel-Stern Designs an will continue my research
      > about the work of William Atkin who found out this effective shape
      so early as 1922 !!!! I´m hoping for a bit of help. Regards,

      This is helpful reference to additional support for the efficiency of
      Atkin's hull design. If you haven't yet seen it you might enjoy
      looking at information on the Atkin Rescue Minor that Robb White
      built and tested. See
      Also Dave Gerr has at least one design with a similar hull; see
      The Higgins boats also used the reverse vee stern, although it is a
      little hard to determine that from available pictures. See
      http://www.higginsmemorial.com/design.asp and

      I am particularly interested in a cruiser for 2, intermediate in size
      between Atkin's Rescue Minor and his River Belle. Intended speed is
      slower than the designed maximum for either of these designs. I'm not
      sure how the tunnel-stern, V-bottom Seabright Skiff hull form
      performs at low speed, but Robb White's observations are encouraging.
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