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387Tunnel - Stern - Designs

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  • liokai2002
    Nov 28, 2004
      Hello, I´m new in this group and please excuse me talking of things
      you have read and discussed already several times.
      I found the site of Atkin & Co. at DUCKWORKS and was stirred up by
      the TUNNEL - STERN designs, especially by Sand Piper a "Shoal Water
      Day Cruiser". What struck me most was the reverse - V tunnel stern.
      From tank tests at Duisburg University and a tank in Berlin I know
      that underwater shapes similiar to Sand Piper are hydrodynamically
      the most effective - not only in shallow waters. Boats with these
      shapes are faster, need less fuel an have more course stability in
      waves ( safer, RO-ROs with Bulb Bows need rudder corrections by
      computer every 20 seconds) . This is the result of tests and
      development work from a friend over a span of 25 years. He started
      with Sail- and Motor Boats and now develops RO - RO Carriers of 450
      ft. The shapes are of course not the s a m e, but they are s i m i l
      i a r.
      From this I´m very interested in any literature about the Tunnel -
      Stern Designs ( esp. Sand Piper ). I´ve read already all the early
      postings about Tunnel - Stern Designs an will continue my research
      about the work of William Atkin who found out this effective shape so
      early as 1922 !!!! I´m hoping for a bit help. Regards, Manfred
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