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361isuzu engine for sand dollar

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  • adharvey2
    Oct 31, 2004
      I am considering building Sand Dollar, as a more easily and quickly
      built alternative to the slightly larger day cruisers I mentioned in
      an earlier post. My main priority is the large cockpit, anyway.
      A friend of mine in Seattle has an Isuzu 6 cylinder marine diesel
      that he is willing to let me have. All he wants in return is to take
      the boat over there for the winters. That would certainly make the
      boat happy! But I'm not sure if it's too big or not. It's 90 hp at
      1800 rpm, 396 cid, and about 750lbs. He's also got a zf 2:1 gear with
      10 deg down angle, about 75lbs. Is this setup too much for Sand
      Dollar? I wouldn't want to over power it. The displacement certainly
      violates the Atkins' specs, but the power and weight seem like they
      might be close enough. I would welcome any experienced or thoughful
      Andrew Harvey
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