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358Re: Boatbuilding Books

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  • Scott
    Oct 31, 2004
      William hit the nail-on-the-head... I can't begin to count the
      number of books I've read and learned a tip or technique in some
      phase of building a boat. I just looked at my copy of "From a Bare
      Hull" by Ferenc Mate copyright 1975. Although, the book is about
      finishing a fiberglass bare hull, the tecchiques can be used for any
      hull material.. So may ideas I don't dare get rid of it. That book
      survived my last spring cleaning. So many others, the so-so ones,
      have been donated to the local library.

      John you should think about William's suggestion. From what I've
      seen at each of your web sites, you could write such a book..


      In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "William E. Parker" <wmeparker@c...>
      > As far as lofting is concerned, I think the Gougeon book on
      > which may have now morphed into two books (I haven't looked
      recently), is
      > very good and the techniques result in a very fair hull. The
      method for
      > dealing with planking thickness in developing stations is very well
      > worked-out, and very quick.
      > On the question of which books are important, I think all mentioned
      in the
      > latest string have been very good and worth having.
      > My interest trends more toward design than boatbuilding, but, for
      all his
      > faults, Chapelle is indispensible in both. There are some books,
      > chapelle, which provide a good grounding in the basics of
      > Then there are boats that provide, here and there, excellent
      techniques for
      > a particular operation, say spiling, or developing the angles on a
      > breasthook. And that is why we all have more than two or three,
      because no
      > book to date provides both a grounding in the basics, and all
      those "hints
      > and tips". Or at least I haven't found it.
      > Say, John, somebody should write that book...
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