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355RE: [AtkinBoats] Boatbuilding Books

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  • William E. Parker
    Oct 29, 2004
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      As far as lofting is concerned, I think the Gougeon book on boatbuilding,
      which may have now morphed into two books (I haven't looked recently), is
      very good and the techniques result in a very fair hull. The method for
      dealing with planking thickness in developing stations is very well
      worked-out, and very quick.

      On the question of which books are important, I think all mentioned in the
      latest string have been very good and worth having.
      My interest trends more toward design than boatbuilding, but, for all his
      faults, Chapelle is indispensible in both. There are some books, like
      chapelle, which provide a good grounding in the basics of boatbuilding.
      Then there are boats that provide, here and there, excellent techniques for
      a particular operation, say spiling, or developing the angles on a
      breasthook. And that is why we all have more than two or three, because no
      book to date provides both a grounding in the basics, and all those "hints
      and tips". Or at least I haven't found it.

      Say, John, somebody should write that book...

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      Anybody have any other suggestions for boatbuilding books that would be
      helpful for builders of Atkin boats?

      Glen-L's BOATBUILDING WITH PLYWOOD, at least in the earlier editions I've
      seen in used book stores, seems like a good one for builder's of the
      plywood boats:


      Their book on engine installation mainly covers large auto engine
      conversions. Anybody know of a good book that covers engine installation?

      On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 00:45:39 -0700 (PDT), Scott wrote:
      > ...
      > "BOATBUILDING" by Howard I. Chapelle is excellent
      > reference as well as Robert M. Steward's "BOATBUILDING
      > MANUAL." However, if you are building your first boat
      > or a bit larger boat I would have to recommend George
      > Buehler's "Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding." This is
      > the book that George calls his shop manual. It gives
      > step-by-step instructions from lofting (very simple
      > the George way), laying the keel, cutting the rabbit
      > line, frame construction, interior construction,
      > building a mast, everything, and its fun to read, even
      > if you're not building a boat. Very clear, easy to
      > follow with lots of drawings and photos.. I have all
      > three..
      > ...

      John <jkohnen@...>
      One boat just leads to another.
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