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348Re: [AtkinBoats] Lady Joan

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  • Scott Holt
    Oct 28, 2004
      John is right about oak and epoxy does not mix well.
      You can use white ash, rock elm, and apitong in that
      order of preference for steam bending. Don't
      substitute red oak for white.. That's big trouble.

      "BOATBUILDING" by Howard I. Chapelle is excellent
      reference as well as Robert M. Steward's "BOATBUILDING
      MANUAL." However, if you are building your first boat
      or a bit larger boat I would have to recommend George
      Buehler's "Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding." This is
      the book that George calls his shop manual. It gives
      step-by-step instructions from lofting (very simple
      the George way), laying the keel, cutting the rabbit
      line, frame construction, interior construction,
      building a mast, everything, and its fun to read, even
      if you're not building a boat. Very clear, easy to
      follow with lots of drawings and photos.. I have all

      Good luck and don't give up the dream....


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