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3353RE: Re: [AtkinBoats] RE: question for Valgerda builders on hours estimate to build hull

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  • brandonfordus
    Nov 6, 2013


      I did not keep track of dollars or time while building Ravn. I usually put in two long days a week and tried to do a little something each of the other days. I did have a foot infection that kept me from working on the boat for about six months. A also spent a lot of time in the moaning chair looking at the boat and trying to figure out what to do next.


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      Thank you for your responses!
      BTW, Does anyone on the forum have contact with Tony Skidmore of BC, Canada? I'd like his insight on the mods he made for coastal cruising work.

      I'm using the current 7,000 grain lb. (referencing 7,000 grains of barley, barley being the only real constant in the English/American system).  I believe it's common to both the US and the UK.  I am in the US, not far from where Joshua Slocum rebuilt "The Spray."

      And, yes, you found the boat of which I'm writing.

      I'll build the hull and rig her as closely to the drawing board plans as I am able.   She'll have a lot of gear in her to act as inboard ballast.  The modifications I intend to make are simple and won't much affect windage profile or weight distribution.

      Yes, one's mileage does vary! 

      The 4lb./hour figure isn't a Law of Physics, it's more of a Rule of Thumb that I've heard tossed about at proper shops. I've found it to be reasonable, excluding the re-tooling of the shop for a particular build.  My most recent build, the simple scow from WP Stephens' boatbuilding book, took $60 in spruce ledger boards and 9 hours for the basic hull using a Japanese style handsaw. (Perfect for flycasting the local pond.)

      My need is to do as much of the work myself as possible, so that I may readily do field repairs to the systems.

      The standard of workmanship and finish will be as for a workboat, with pine-tar as opposed to varnish brightwork. No glassing, The Atkins specified that at the lap a small gap should be left to be filled with putty, to accommodate swelling, so no glass.

      I'll spend the winter fabricating sub-assemblies for transport to the building site, which is not yet settled. I have a couple places in mind, and a backup spot just in case.  The casting would be fun, but it will depend on the site restrictions and evading the watchful eye of the Dept. of Environmental Protection and the EPA. Fortunately, Broomfield in Providence is nearby, and they do a fine, fine job.


      Your 'Raven' is part of my research for the build! Your work is much nicer than mine will be. On the other hand,  I'll have the luxury of being able to spend 4-6 hours a day on the project.  I do better with short, highly focused bursts than longer, sustained efforts.  I'm more of a sprinter than a marathoner, I guess. Intellectual ADHD.

      My Valgerda will be a gunkholing machine.  My finishing and outfitting plans are inspired by MacGregor's Rob Roy Yawl, Both The Aeneid of Virgil, and my fellow Bostonian, Capt. Fritz Fenger and his Yakaboo canoe have inspired my voyaging plan, along with the voyage of St. Paul via Malta.

      Would you mind estimating what your work-schedule was like on 'Raven?' 

      Trouble, the Sailor Dog, makes me smile.  My puppy is a 100lb. Olde English Sheepdog named Chloe.  I think that she would try to herd the other watercraft.


      On Tuesday, November 5, 2013 3:48 AM, "genepark2@..." <genepark2@...> wrote:
      My ignorance is abysmal. Are you taking about GB pounds or ? So this is what you are going to build? http://www.atkinboatplans.com/Sail/Valgerda.html

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      I'm doing project management planning for my Valgerda build.

      At 4lb./ hour for a wooden boat, I'm calculating about 150 hours.

      Does this follow with your actual experience?


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