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  • Alan Boman
    Jul 9, 2013

      Hi Guys,


      Just as a matter of detail, “River Belle” is another Atkin Tunnel Stern that has the prop shaft offset 5 degrees to counter Prop. Walk, and from memory, I think “Nanuk III” does too.  These are both contemporaries of “Rescue Minor” from the early forties.


      River Bell’s engine was placed right at the stern in the original design, although I have moved it forward by 1 metre and flattened the shaft angle to be parallel with the water line.  We’ll see how well it works (or not) in due course….





      South Australia



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      > I am no expert on this but I do know that balance is very important in this design. See rob white's rescue minor. He did quite a bit of modification of the RM but he was well qualified to do so.

      I am also no expert, however I have copies or originals of Quite a few of "Motorboating Ideal series" of books for almost every tunnel stern boat Atkin designed. They had different locations in the different boats. The Minor was pushed to the stern to gain deck space for stretchers as this was designed as a WWII ambulance boat. It was also the only one with a 5 degree prop shaft offset to counter prop walk.

      The boat would probably balance better if the motor was moved forward.

      Robb White's son said that the minor was the only boat that he saw his father actually loft. He did the keel board and tunnel exactly to plan but probably changed the entry at a the bow, it is probably similar to his sportboat bow. Refer to the photo in the photo section.


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