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  • John Frodigh
    Apr 5, 2013

      Internal  ballast is certainly old school, think Belgian pavers as ballast on the return trip of the yankee traders to europe.

      The combination does work, you can fine tune your trim, and go light a little for more freeboard. My internal ballast is lead balls 3" in diameter laid out like balls racked up on a pool table, double layers in the bilge and single layer up under the ceiling about a foot up.  My external is about 2,000 lb. of cast iron. I have heard poured concrete is not the way to go for internal.


      John Frodigh 

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      I would have to splice up a white oak keel, but it is an option. While looking at the idea of cutting my own lumber, I discovered a local tree that is considered white oak - Gambel oak. Also called scrub oak around here - a trash tree. Funny what you find when you approach a problem from a different angle. White oak runs about $6 a foot at the lumber yard, but I may be able to get all I want for free.

      John - What do you think about the internal/external ballast arrangement? Does it work ok, or would you prefer more outside than inside?

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