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    Apr 5, 2013

      Epoxy encap for DF?  Why do that?  Asking for major rot IMO.


      Best would be black locust (hard to find something that big though) or WO.  Or go sustainable tropical wood - purple heart, etc.


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      I've seem lots of SYP at wood salvagers but it is $7/bf. lots of long lengths. If you use Doug Fir it should be epoxy encapsulated and check ring spacing.


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      I have a Fore n Aft built in the 50s, the keel and deadwood are white oak, which is great, SYP just lasts longer.


      John Frodigh 

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      The plans call for Yellow Pine in the keel, and a couple of other areas. SYP is a bit sparse here. Does anyone here know if Doug Fir or Juniper wold be an acceptable substitute?

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      > > I am researching gathering and milling much of the lumber and drying it myself as well.
      > I think this is an under-discussed part of boat building. How to get sufficient lumber to build a boat, without going broke in the process. It sure helps to locally source your lumber, as Mr. Madison is doing with his Maid of Endor build.
      > http://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread.php?128218-Building-the-Maid
      > He seems to get most of his wood from his backyard ;-)


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