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329Saving wooden boats from the chopper!

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  • Bruce Elfstrom
    Oct 17, 2004
      Hello all. Just a note to announce a web site/foundation i have just
      started. As many of you probably have, I have the gift (curse) of
      taking old wooden boats and trying to save them or place them. Well
      it has gotten out of hand and there is no "place" to centralize
      efforts to save old wooden boats in need of restoration. Well I
      thought to myself that that was too bad........so I have started a
      place that I hope will fill the role.

      ClassicWorkBoat.com (soon to have it name changes a bit to a xxx.org)
      is my attempt at creating a wooden boat saving foundation. Please
      take a peak, and if you like the idea, have the fever and energy, and
      time to help, let me know---I could use it. Right now, I am sitting
      on 5-10 boats in need of the right person/people.

      Open to all thoughts suggestions, links, stories, article (any
      content on the theme)

      Cheers, Bruce