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3284Re: outboard motor boat design for trip down the river Murray Australia

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  • Peter Evans
    Mar 30, 2013
      Sledge looks nice

      maybe 1ft longer would just add a bit more carrying capacity, but at 15ft thats not too bad. A sunshade is a definate. Plywood would be easier to make than solid wood, either way a nice easy boat to make that looks well suited to what you want to do.

      By the way, where in Oz are you, melbourne here. If your in town, why not drop in, I have a 13ft rowing boat. (way too small for your trip obviously)

      Aside, a few weeks ago I was at the absolute source of the murray, where a tiny stream comes out of a swamp (12 inches wide). Almost trod on an alpine copperhead snake which was 2ft away. You would not believe the number of feral horses at the top of the murray there.

      This is a bit off topic I know, where will you launch, Corryong? or the bridge near Khanchoben, or downstream of lake Hume.

      I think there are locks all the way? otherwise you would have to go lighter to allow your boat to be carried on a trolley, pretty sure there are locks all the way?

      I think sledge would be better than punch as waves are not big for the great majority of the trip, and the punt bow would make it much easier to get onto the river bank than a boat with a fine deep bow.

      Sounds like a really really fun trip
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