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324"Stepby" info sought

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  • ztiurk
    Oct 16, 2004
      Hi All:

      I'm new here, and have known about John K's site for some time owing
      to his Ideal Series pages, and his link to the Atkin pages. I just
      got a "Practical Series - Vol 1" from Motor Boating today (dated
      1918) and inside was a loose MB plan of Stepby - doesn't appear to be
      from the book oddly enough. I was curious to know what year that boat
      was drawn up, and if anyone know of any examples around today. It's
      a nice 23' double ender which might lend itself nicely to being set
      for electric power. It's listed in a couple of the Ideal Series

      Best regards,

      Dan Kruitz
      Elgin, IL
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