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3229Want to learn more about On The Job II on behalf of the Wooden Boat Forum

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  • Daniel
    Oct 14, 2012
      I am also a member of the Wooden Boat Forum where there have been many threads about large moderately narrow semiplaning skiffs, usually due to a desire for fuel economy but precious little data.

      The Russel R gets brought up often in these threads and is usually ignored or written off as a pure displacement hull because it has any rocker aft.

      People have said that simply using thicker scantlings will severely reduce speed and economy.
      My counterargument is my own skiff, 13'9", 7" rocker aft with 3/4" oak bottom and transom and 1/2" yellow pine sides with two 180+ lb men aboard almost planing with a trolling motor.
      Seen here at full speed with too much weight (IE Me) in the back it sped up and the peak of the wake noticeably moved back when I put down the camera and went forward. http://www.flickr.com/photos/dskorupka/7097245149/in/photostream

      I would like to clear things up for everyone so I have some questions.

      Do you still have it?
      Do you have any photos or videos of it at speed?
      Will it plane?
      Top speed?
      How much do heavy loads slow it down?
      What is powering it, still the tohatsu 18 or something else?

      Thank you, Dan
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