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3228OT: Boat books for sale

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  • Matthew Long
    Oct 14, 2012
    Hi, all.  I am cleaning off my bookshelves and have a couple of books that might interest fellow boatbuilders.  Please reply directly to me so as not to clog up the group.  Prices do not include shipping, so I will add the actual cost via USPS to wherever you may be.

    The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction by Meade Gougeon (including additional Gougeon handbooks pictured) - Hardcover - Like new - $25
    Building Outrigger Sailing Canoes by Gary Dierking - Softcover - Excellent - $10
    Everything Sold in Marine Supply Stores by Steven Ettlinger - Hardcover - Excellent - $15
    The Lobster Chronicles by Linda Greenlaw - Hardcover - Excellent - $10

    Again, please contact me directly rather than reply the group.



    Matthew William Long