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3220Re: [AtkinBoats] Elon Jessup Skiff

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  • mark@mgillett.com
    Aug 29, 2012
      I am by no means an expert but in reading reviews of Atkin's designs I believe that moving the 350lbs from the middle of the boat to the stern would be a mistake. In a craft of this size changing that much weight would compromise the designed performance. I would consider electric power with the power and batteries to replace the original engine. I remember seeing one of Atkins tunnel boats that had a modern engine of significantly less weight and it changed how the craft went through the water. Remember that Atkins designed some rocker in the design so you need to account for how the change in weight would affect the designed waterline
      Just a thought
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      Anyone built this design or currently building it? I have been reviewing the huge number of skiff designs available, and this is one that has caught my eye. I like the lines, the flared bow, and I am not in a hurry; 8-12mph would be just fine for pottering around and fishing. I have an older (2 Stroke) short shaft Merc 7.5 that looks like it mught be a good match for this hull.

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