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  • sdholt
    Oct 14, 2004
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      Greeting to all from Okinawa, Japan. A true island paradise.

      Can't believe after all the time (years) and money I've spent
      looking for just the right boat and I stumble on to
      Atkinboatplans.com. I've always equated the Atkins with double-
      enders. What a surprise.. I've been looking for a traditional style
      boat be it schooner, cutter, or sloop. I found the boat, or should I
      say boats, because I don't know which one I like the best. My
      selections are ""America Junior", "Little Maid of Kent", and of
      course "Island Princess". Schooners ever last one of them. The boat
      that stirs the heart and sole of everyone, sailor or not. The
      dicision is difficult because the gaff mainsail of "America Junior" I
      think would look great on the other two boats. If that was the case,
      the decision would be easy. "Island Princess" would win. I know the
      Atkins say don't change anything in the design, but if you have a
      gaff sail of equal size (to include reef points) as the current
      marconi design would it work? I don't see why not. Anyone's
      thoughts or comments...

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