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3210Black Pearl Status

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  • mikmet71
    Aug 20, 2012
      Just thought I'd send an update on my status here in Kennebunkport ME on the Black Pearl, a 36' Atkin Little Maid of Kent schooner.. Getting a little low on the inspiration front. Need to get some work done before the curtain closes on 2012 (aka dark and snow). Had some major setbacks with more rot in deadwood and tailfeather.
      Now challenged with 1" keel bolts, considering taking the inexpensive route and using l-shaped galvanized steel anchor bolts, with the bent heads cut off and square nuts welded on, then coated with epoxy.. I have some 1" (naval?) bronze prop shaft, but with the required threading, and nuts at $20 each, I'm looking at a great cost for 10 or so bolts.
      Thinking about looking for a partner on this project at this point, running out of steam!
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