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  • utf21@att.net
    Jun 11, 2012
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      I've just joined the group, so this may have been said before. I've just read Rebuilding Rose. This is the best book I've ever seen on interiors. The pictures are perfect, as if they were chosen from many taken.
      It's the best rebuild book I've ever seen. So many tips on the problems of rebuilding from old wood, especially plank decks and adhesives.
      The book reminds me of John's ability to design a big ship into a small length. You can see the big ship legacy in a photo of the stern on page 67. Rose is heavily built, it looks heavy but it moves easily. I'm not a designer or builder but I suspect the shape of the stern doesn't force the planks to twist so the water just flows out from under the ship before the water 'rejoins,' so to speak.
      The interior has so much room you'd think the owner could put a 3 piece band in there.
      Anyway, just a great little ship.
      Paul Austin