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3178Bronze Foundry/ Shoals Runner

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  • Robert
    May 10, 2012
      Hello Everyone,
      I am new to this group; I found this group with a
      Google search for Atkins boats.

      I have built several boats; Canoes, Skiffs, two (side by side)
      John Gardner sailing Flatties, and helped build a couple of Florida
      mullet skiffs.

      I now live in Louisville Ky.

      I was looking for a small fishing boat for fishing around the
      Florida/Alabama panhandle and also Chesapeake Bay area. Both an easy
      days drive for short vacation trips. I had heard of Rescue Minor but
      was looking for a little larger boat that I could run a little ways
      offshore in.

      To get to the point; after looking at the Atkins boats site and
      ordering the plans catalog I have decided to build Shoals Runner. I have
      seen,(on-line), some attempts from people at building this boat but
      everyone seems to change the stern-tunnel lines. I want to build true
      to the lines plan; I will use some modern materials and techniques.

      I have been able to find the materials that I need for the boat;
      except I need to find a foundry that can cast the bronze shoe keel. I
      will make the pattern but need to find someone that will do the casting.

      Thanks for reading this wordy post and thanks for any help and
      comments on this new project.
      Have Fun, Bob R.
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