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3169Re: Looking at a Atkins design...

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  • stu
    Feb 11, 2012
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      Hi, Trevor,

      Welcome to the Monkey House.

      You don't say which particular design you're looking at.  Is it the Maytime?  A double ender cutter?

      I'm no expert, but I would guess that design is solid and seaworthy... and yeah, slow.  But compared to what?

      She won't be as slow as my Atkins Gary Thomas (Ripple), I'd wager.  But why rush by and deprive admirers of the pleasure of her great lines and estimable heritage?

      I have no experience with the Teak-on-glass decks.  Sounds like it could  be an issue, yeah.  Get a boat cover!

      Where abouts in the PNW are you?  Hope to see you on the water.

      good luck

      Master and slave to s/v Ripple
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