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315comparing three designs

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  • adharvey2
    Oct 2, 2004
      My seemingly endless quest to pick a boat for fishing and day cruising
      on Flathead Lake (the largest natural fresh water lake west of the
      Mississippi) may be nearing a resolution. I had no luck finding a
      easily built contemporary design that met my requirements. All I
      require is a nice sheer line, a nearly plumb bow, maybe a little
      tumblehome, safety in a four foot chop, a small house with an enclosed
      head (the ladies, you know), 15-20 mph, and room in the cockpit for
      3-4 people to troll for lake trout or jig for whitefish. Sounds simple
      enough to me! I almost went for Karl Staumbaugh's Bay Power Cruiser
      (cmdboats.com), but the 80hp outboard, wide transom, and stich & glue
      construction just weren't "me". I looked a long while at Ninegret, but
      I didn't like the lines quite as much as the older boats, and the
      outboard well and box take alot of room from the cockpit.
      So I'm left with three Atkins designs: Tang, Little Water, and Magic
      Minnow (I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I was limited to
      twenty feet due to shop size - but the sawzall took care of that).
      What I'm not able to judge for myself is the relaive difficulty and
      time required to build these three boats. Clearly Tang is the easiest,
      with it's straight sections and simple house, and I'd guess that
      Little Water, with it's round bilge, tunnel stern, and greater glass
      area would be the most time consuming.
      I sure could use a more in depth comparison by somebody who has built
      traditionally constructed boats before. I am a cabinetmaker and
      funiture builder/restorer, but my boatbuilding experience so far has
      been limited to sheet plywood. I'd be interested in any comments
      regarding looks, practicality, ease of buiding, alternate building
      methods, or any other aspects of these three boats (or suggetions of
      other boats!)
      Andrew Harvey
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