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3140RE: [AtkinBoats] Re: Grampus Jr.

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  • Alan Boman
    Dec 6, 2011
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      Hi Gary,


      Atkin did publish another Tunnel Stern design after “Rescue Minor”.  In 1947 came “Nibble”, (Ideal Series, Volume 38).  “Nibble” is 17’ long, but surprisingly draws 13.5” compared with “Rescue Minor” at 6”, which seems a backward step if you’re trying to design for very shallow water.  I wonder if perhaps there were stability issues with “Rescue Minor”; not that I’ve read a bad word about it anywhere. 


      Do any of the members “out there” have any ideas ?


      I don’t have the Offsets for “Nibble”; if anyone has access to them, I’d be very keen to have a look!!






      I’m building a “River Belle”, so I’m very interested in Tunnel Sterns.  It’s not in the water yet, but I’m really keen to see if it performs as well as Atkins suggests.  Check www.RhapsodyInGlue.com if you’re interested.




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