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  • Alan Boman
    Dec 4, 2011

      In “Of Yachts and Men”, Atkin describes Grampus Jr. as a private commission.  If this was the case then proprietary rights to the design would belong to the customer who paid for them, and Atkin would not have been free to publish them.


      However, it cannot be a coincidence that in the same year (1930), Atkin did publish plans for a Tunnel Stern runabout of exactly the same length with the same horsepower and speed specifications as “Grampus Jr.”.  That boat was called “Heron” and it is almost certainly the same boat.  Plans for “Heron” were published in the Ideal Series book, Volume 16 (1934) and I can scan them for you if you’re interested.


      “Rescue Minor” was published in November 1942 and there were four other Tunnel Stern designs released in the intervening twelve years.  (Nanuk III, Islamorada, Everhope & River Belle)  So, it is reasonable to suppose that the design changed over that time too, if for no other reason that “Rescue Minor” was specifically designed for plywood construction.


      I also suspect that Atkin’s understanding of the Tunnel Stern changed a bit in that period too.  For example, when discussing the draft of “Heron” in 1930 he says that the stern will “squat” once underway, whilst for “Rescue Minor” in 1942 he says it will rise.  Given the designs are so similar, one of those must be wrong.  Interesting......








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      would anybody have the offsets for Grampus Jr.
      sure would like to compare them to Rescue Minor
      just to see what changes were made

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