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  • John Kohnen
    Oct 18, 2011
      Good info. Thanks, JJ. How does your Ninigret perform with a load? That's
      more important, in many cases, than top speed with a light load. Bill
      Childs, of Bartender Boats, had a 19' Bartender with a cuddy powered by a
      25 hp. Honda. It performed quite well, and economically with just he and
      his wife aboard, but bogged down when he took a couple more people along
      (I recall one trip across Port Townsend with five or six people aboard
      when we could only manage displacement speeds). Now Bill recommends a
      35-40 hp. for 19' bartenders. You can cruise at low throttle settings most
      of the time, but have extra oomph when you need to carry a load. There's a
      lot to be said for running a motor at a quieter, less taxing throttle
      setting most of the time.

      Tohatsus are good motors. I've had three of their 4-strokes so far and
      haven't had any trouble with them, except that the 3.5 must have had the
      idle mixture set on a Friday or Monday at the factory. <g> I had to drill
      out the plug that's supposed to keep you from fooling with the idle
      mixture and set it myself. Tohatsu makes Nissan outboards, and the
      4-stroke Mercuries. I've got a 3.5 hp. with the cheap Tohatsu decals; a 5
      hp. with the more expensive Nissan decals; and a 9.9 Merc with the most
      expensive decals of all. ;o) (though some Mercury models, including my
      Bigfoot, have features the Tohatsu and Nissan branded motors don't...)

      On Fri, 14 Oct 2011 18:41:48 -0700, JJ wrote:

      > ...
      > I have a Ninigret built in 2000 by Tony Bries (Freedom Boats); pictures
      > of our and his boat are on the Atkin website. Both are powered by a
      > 25hp 4-stroke Merc "Bigfoot" short-shaft (15"). That set-up allows
      > transom mounting and low-profile covered enclosure like the original
      > plans illustrate. That motor has worked very well in terms of fuel
      > consumption, power and being very quiet.
      > ...
      > In flat water it tops out at 18 mph (confirmed by GPS) and has torque
      > for river current and steep chop.
      > I have done some research for a potential replacement. One that I've
      > considered is a 30 hp 4-stoke 15" short shaft from Tohatsu (model
      > #MFS30BEPTS). It weights 178lbs with electric start/tilt with remote
      > steering.
      > You also may be interested to know that there are 40hp 15" short-shafts
      > still being made but in 2-stoke. Both Tohatsu (# MD40B2EPTOS) and
      > Nissan (# NSD40B2EPTO1) have such motors; both weigh about 210lbs.
      > ...

      John (jkohnen@...)
      There are two means of refuge from the misery of life - music
      and cats. (Albert Schweitzer)
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