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3102Re: Building Ninigret

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  • Edgar Boyd
    Sep 18, 2011
      Hello Tiernan.

      Thanks very much for your input. It means a lot to me when you say the 30hp (short shaft) motor works great on the Ninigret you built. The motor box certainly looks good and I like the increased camber you put in the stern sections. Lovely boat!

      I know of no new 40hp motor that is being offered with a short shaft, and if I read you correctly you are saying the 20" transom height would make it impractical if not impossible to fully enclose the motor. Like you, I want the quiet of a fully enclosed motor.

      So, the 30 hp motor is about 55 lbs lighter than the 40, the 30 would permit enclosing the motor completely, and it is less expensive. I can see no reason not to get the 30 instead of the 40, can you or anyone? The one question I have is if the power of the 30 is truly adequate? I am not concerned so much about speed as I am about the ability to go against river current (up to 6 kts) and the ability to carry 4-6 people efficiently.

      What do you think?

      Thanks again,

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