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  • Michael Metcalfe
    Jul 10, 2011
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      I'm making progress on the Black Pearl, a 1967 Atkin Little Maid of Kent schooner. I'm looking for ideas for the toe rail and guard rail.  The deck repairs I'm doing have been done before (probably 20 years ago) and I want to prevent this from happening again. 
      The old toe rail was bolted through the plywood about an inch in from the edge.  The guard rail was screwed into the sheerstrake below the edge of the plywood.  This left an exposed plywood edge with a sharp angle with deck glass wrapped around and under the guard rail.  Water got into the plywood both through the bolt holes on the toe rail and through the edge of the ply where it was exposed.
      After I complete the deck repairs I'd like to make a bulletproof covering for the edge of the plywood and a toe rail that will not leak. I almost want them to be one piece, but that's just not done.
      I've seen some ideas that put a radius on the edge of the ply for better wrapping.  I just ordered full plans to find out what was the original intent.
      Any ideas? Pics in link below.

      Check out my Picasa photo album: